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Want to win $1000 and more ? Join the 2021 Yodo1 Global GameDevs Competition!

2021 is coming to an end, and we are celebrating the talent and creativity of our game developers with Yodo's1 very first Global Game Devs Competition!

Submit your game before December 15th

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We Are Running The Competition
To Celebrate our MAS Partners

In 2021, we had the privilege of meeting thousands of new talented developers , and we want to showcase their creativity and passion

Have a look at this checklist to know if you're ready to submit!

  • You can submit maximum 2 games… Choose wisely!
  • Both games should be live in the store by the time you submit them (we will ask you for the store link!)
  • The games should have been launched for the first time between January 1st and December 15th 2021 - we're looking for "new games" here!

Check the complete rules here

Games will compete in 4 categories





Five Yodo1 employees from different teams will be in charge of evaluating the games.

We will announce and introduce our jury once we come closer to the end of the submission period!

Excited to hear about the prices?

Best of best

$1000 for that game that masters
all four categories

Category winners

$500 for the winning game in each

But not everything is about the money…

The 5 winning teams will have a session with Yodo1's publishing
team to get feedback on their game and their game pitch!

Save The Date: December 22nd

We'll announce the winners and gather
all together to celebrate the end of the year!

How to Submit Your Game

If you are already a MAS Partner

1. Sign in the MAS Portal

2.Go to the "Games Competition Tab"

3. Follow the instructions and submit your game/s

If you are not a MAS Partner

1.Register on the MAS Portal

2. Go to the "Games Competition Tab"

3. Integrate the MAS SDK into your game

4. Go to the "Games Competition Tab"

5. Follow the instruction and submit your game/s for the competition

Submit Now

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