Make more money from your game.

Yodo1 AdHawk helps you optimize IAA and IAP injection points, helping you increase revenue without sacrificing the player experience.

Games that have implemented Yodo1's tailor-made recommendations have seen an ARPDAU lift of at least 30%.


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Here's how AdHawk helps you increase revenue.

Ad Design Optimization

AdHawk analyzes your existing advertising injection points and compares them to leading games in your genre. We recommend changes to the timing, placement, and types of ads to maximize revenue.

IAP Recommendations

An effective monetization strategy involves advertising and paid monetization. AdHawk determines the optimal placement, quantity, and pricing for in-app purchases.

Game Design Enhancement

Monetization and advertising do not have to come at the expense of the player experience. For 90% of games analyzed, AdHawk recommendations improve gameplay.

How AdHawk Works:

Yodo1 AdHawk uses a hybrid of human- and machine-generated insights. We consider the following factors in making monetization strategy recommendations:

• Game genre and storyline
• Audience location and persona
• Frequency of disruptive ads
• Balance of playability and monetization
• Rewarded items in-game
• In-app purchases
• ...and many more

All games that have implemented AdHawk's strategies have seen an ARPDAU increase of at least 30%.

1. Game Submission

Submit basic information about your game, such as the app store URLs and a short recording of gameplay.

2. Gameplay Analysis

Yodo1 AdHawk analyzes gameplay recordings using a combination of machine learning and manually-generated insights.

3. Ad Design Report

Within 2 business days of submission, you'll receive a monetization strategy report in your inbox.

What game developers are saying.

"Yodo1 gave us some recommendations on how to better design our rewarded videos. In truth, we'd been thinking about some of these changes ourselves, prior to partnering with Yodo1. Their recommendations gave us the confidence to jump in and make it happen And we're happy we did! The results were astounding."

—Keplerians Horror Games

"It's great when you have a partner who cares as much as you do about making a great game. They provide not only a great advertising platform but a skilled team to help you improve gameplay and ad design."

—Protostar Games

Maximize your game's revenue.